New Baal Shem Tones CD is shaping up

The new Baal Shem Tones CD (working title: Here We Are) is shaping up beautifully. Two days of intense recording sessions last week with the basic band have yielded some fantastic tracks, this time with a new component: Latin percussionist Glen Caruba (Jimmy Buffet, Toby Keith and many more) contributed some amazing congas, shaker, djembe, bodhran and other hand drums with skill and taste that lifted the songs to new heights. Just incredible stuff! We were very fortunate to also have on hand some of Nashville's finest players: Jeff King once again was on guitar, Bryan Owings on drums and Charlie Chadwick on upright and electric bass. I played piano and acoustic guitar. Now we are tracking Helene's unbelievable vocals, stacking delicious harmonies as if they were so many hot, golden pancakes dripping with genuine maple syrup and sweet butter on a Sunday morning. I think the result will be an eclectic blend of styles, held together by the usual musical twists and turns. I hope it will be a pleasure to put on a CD player and listen to, all the way through. Then, a week or two later, you'll feel like hearing it again. And again throughout the year, and so on. A lot of people tell us that they enjoy listening to All Our Lives that way because they don't get tired of it, which is about the coolest compliment I can think of. It's a great honor, for our songs to be part of someone's life like that. I hope we hear more people saying that about this CD, that would knock my socks off. MANY more people, hopefully... ya know? I think I'm allowed to say that. Expected release around September this year. July ain't happening.