A disclaimer

It pains me to do this, but this is a matter of public record and my rep. A new children's CD called "The Mr. Shabbos Show" is out containing four tracks that, according to the printed credits, were mixed by me at Peradam Productions in Atlanta. While it's true that I had mixed these four songs originally, none of my mixes are on the CD. Apparently all four tracks had been remixed from the multi-track sessions. There are new voice overdubs, edits and sample replacements that were not in the originals. I never heard these mixes prior to the CD release, as they were done without my knowledge, input or advice. So if you like them, that's great... but they are not mine. I want to be absolutely clear about this: not one song on the CD was mixed by me, and the mixing credit attributed to me is 100% in error. I don't know who should have that honor; you'd have to ask the artist. Anyway, it was a fun project and I hope it does well.